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Regis Cabral is a historian of science and technology and a physicist. Dr. Cabral is a specialist in the interactions between the production of knowledge and international relations. He has obtained results not only in the understanding of science and technology policy but also in concrete cases of technology transfer. Dr. Cabral is known for his studies about technology transfer (including in the nuclear, military and biotechnology fields), about the relations between universities and the productive sector, and evaluations of Universities as well as international organisations such as UNESCO, UNCTAD and development agencies. During the early 1990's, Dr. Cabral participated in the group that assisted in the redefinition of the new concept of national security used by the Higher Command for Civil Defence of Sweden. Now, Dr. Cabral is globally known for the "Cabral-Dahab Science Park Management Paradigm", which has been used to evaluate science parks, technology parks, business incubators and similar organisations. Dr. Cabral has more than 100 articles and reports published.
Among other things, he was in the board of directors of the UEE, The European University on Environment, and a project manager at UMINOVA CENTER, the industrial development company of Umea University, in North Sweden, by the Polar zone. He was also with the IRC, Innovation Relay Centre, the European Union network dedicated to technology transfer. During that time, evaluations placed the IRC North Sweden among the best in Europe. Dr. Cabral was also with the European Commission DG-IST funded Regional Impact of the Information Society on Employemnt and Integration. In addition to assist in the management of the project and seeing that it was transfered to a new coordinator, Dr. Cabral participated in the evaluation of gender and minority discrimination in the IST sector.He was also with ICT-LEAP, a distance education project for the Middle East, funded the TEMPUS Programme, European Commission.

Dr. Cabral is one of the evaluators and judge for the The Global Challenge Prize, awarded by the City of Stockholm. This award, the most important in the world for the sector of information sciences and society, has been compared to the Nobel Prize.
Finally, it must be pointed out that Dr. Cabral is an active counsellor of EURAD, Europe Against Drugs.

Curently he is the Director of FEPRO - Funding for European Projects, Piteå, Sweden.


Dr. Cabral's Current Areas of Action
Dr. Cabral's current areas of action are defined as following
When informed, requested and funded, he shall aim to
  • 1. Promote at an European level specific projects and programs;
  • 2. Provide advanced warning concerning coming programs of the European Union;
  • 3. Evaluate projects and programmes, providing policy recomendations if so requested;
  • 4. Carry out research, historical, social and policy oriented about S&T and R&D institutions and organisations;
  • 5. Evaluate and study science parks and similar entities.

  • Regis Cabral Main Projects and Activities

    Currently Dr. Cabral is the director of FEPRO - Funding for European Projects
    Science Parks Learning from experience and management
    The Stockholm ICT Challenge
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    Regis Cabral's C.V. is available with a list of papers and reports in the links to the left.
    Dr. Cabral has also a life in the academic world where he believes that what counts is not what is said, but what is published.
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